Headshot of Tim

Meet Tim

Head of Finance

I joined as a Financial Accountant...

...and since then I’ve had a go at doing most roles in finance, saying yes whenever opportunities have come up. Saying yes all the time has led to a few hairy moments but has always helped me to develop!

The business is always changing, which means no day is ever the same. You’re always juggling various projects and taking on new things which means it is challenging but in a good way. The fact that our service is genuinely beneficial for people and saves them money whilst allowing us to run a profitable business is quite a unique position, but makes a huge difference.

The nature of Moneysupermarket Group means working with people from a wide range of backgrounds, which is so interesting. People always keep things light-hearted and have fun at the same time as working hard.

My main advice would be don't be afraid to make mistakes. I struggled with that when I first joined, but the business moves so fast that they’re inevitable. Obviously, we all try to avoid them, but as long as you’re learning from them, they’re a key part of moving at pace and to be expected. So try not to beat yourself up too much.