Headshot of Lisa

Meet Lisa

Senior Commercial Manager

I came to MSMG on maternity cover...

...after being made redundant, I was keen to move into MSMG as I’d always heard so many positive experiences from others. I was quickly offered a permanent role within a month of being in the cover, which only made me eager to build my career even further here.

Our whole purpose is to help customers save money, it doesn’t matter what role you have in the company, it’s clear how your individual contribution filters through. It’s unique, because our mission isn’t just a written statement put together every year, it’s a real state of mind and an everyday way of thinking.

I’ve really been able to showcase my external experience, as colleagues are open to different ways of working and interested in the ideas and suggestions that my previous experience brings. In the two years I’ve been here, I’ve been promoted and am confident that this won’t be the last. Because The Group quickly recognises the efforts of their employees and work hard to demonstrate that you’re valued. They’re also open to new ideas, keen to hear thoughts on how we can grow our purpose and benefit our customers. This enables all colleagues to have the autonomy to really be heard.

The people are amazing. In most roles it’s who you work with that makes the difference and what makes it an enjoyable environment, and everyone here is friendly, helpful, and down to earth. We’re all here for the same reasons and working with like minded people who are supportive, and kind really does go a long way.

Moneysupermarket Group wants the best for both their customers and their employees, and if you are looking for a company who recognises efforts and values your contribution far quicker than before, this is the place. It’s a wonderful company who truly do look after their people.