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Steve Wignall

An interview with Steve Wingall.

24 May 2023

Tell us about your background and how you got into the job you currently have?

I studied Economics at University and wanted to get into a business role (though I didn’t know what that meant in practice!) I joined one of the big banks on their graduate programme with the intent of working in Corporate Banking. It wasn’t for me when I experienced it, so I moved around a few different disciplines including Operations, Marketing and then Technology. I’ve worked in Technology ever since, checking out of Banking as the Global Head of IT Production, running 24/7 Command Centres and Major Incident Management, having previously been the Global Head of End User IT Support.

I joined Mony Group  as Head of Infrastructure and Service Delivery when the business was still maturing as a FTSE listed business. As the needs of the business changed over time, my portfolio of responsibilities changed to meet the emerging requirements and I’ve held roles as Chief of Staff and Technology Director before becoming the Group Chief Information Officer.

How did you get your job here?

A recruitment consultant approached my wife (who has a very similar professional background) to see if she was interested in a career with MONY Group. Whilst she wasn’t, I was looking for another role and so following a few conversations, I joined the team. A career at MONY Group being one of the many things I have my wife to thank for!

Who has inspired your career to date?

I think learning to be a leader has parallels with learning to be a parent, there are things you experienced growing up that you think I will never do that to my kids, or I absolutely want to be that kind of parent or make sure my kids get those experiences. I’ve been really privileged to work with some amazingly talented people (and in fairness, some not so much…) and I’ve learned from and been inspired by both camps.

Inspiration can be found everywhere, and I’ve personally always enjoyed reading autobiographies of great leaders, particularly those who lead through struggle and overcome adversity to achieve – though maintain that Alice in Wonderland contains great leadership wisdom and is up there as one of the best business books ever written. Give it a go through new eyes.

How important is the office for you?

Controversially, I am one of those people who has very low social needs of the workplace. I love hybrid working and I’m wholly committed to it, including the value of face-to-face time with colleagues. People have very different wants and needs, and it is important to contribute to ensuring we all get what we need from the workplace. Learning, and in particular an apprentice or learning-on-the-job culture requires quality co-located time together. Similarly, creativity and collaboration can be stronger face-to-face, so I think we have the balance right as an organisation and the office can be both where you go and wherever you happen to be.

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

Our ‘go to’ destination as a family is Walt Disney World in Florida. In a confession moment, we used to go before we became parents, so I can’t even blame it on that! It’s a great place to switch off and is probably the only place on earth that I can arrive and instantly leave work behind. I am the worst person in the world at sitting on a sunbed – it is a skill that I just don’t have!

Steve Wignall

Group Chief Information Officer