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Learn more about Liz from Money Saving Expert.

24 January 2024

How would you describe your job?

My job is a dual role, I look into a wide range of queries for MSE users and Broadband Choices/Decision Tech customers, and also liaise with broadband/reward providers along with our partners to ensure that customers receive any rewards they are entitled to as part of their deal.

What is your favourite part of the job?

I like how varied my role is as we come across something different every day; this often means liaising with a lot of different areas of MONY Group which is important to me as it could help me with future roles! I also enjoy the ad hoc tasks we often have to complete i.e. creating process documents for new starters.

Room to grow in work, how important is this for you?

This is extremely important, as I like to challenge myself, and you cannot grow without putting yourself outside of your comfort zone from time to time. Progress, whether it be reaching for new and higher roles or further excelling in your existing role, allows you to grow and therefore build self confidence which is a massive benefit in both your work and personal life.

Human connection is paramount in the workplace, what advice do you have to foster connections and purpose?

Attending workplace events can be a great way to see colleagues outside of a work setting and get to know people on a personal level, but I’d also recommend working from the office as much as possible; even if you’re not conversing all day with colleagues, it still allows you to have that human and social connection during work hours. If you can’t work from the office, ensure you have regular Teams meetings to have a chat with your colleagues, because even a little chat about the team’s weekend can sometimes brighten up your day!

What’s on your bucket list to tick off?

My bucket list is way too long to get through it all, but a recent one myself and my brother have been considering recently is doing a bungee jump; another big and potentially more doable one is to go to a Liverpool game at Anfield (or if I win the lottery, a Liverpool season ticket would be nice…)