People Insight Stories 

Ewan Hindle

19 March 2024

Learn more about Ewan from our Risk & Compliance Team

What is your role here?

“I am a Senior Risk Manager at the Group; my primary role is to enable our product and commercial teams to achieve their goals while remaining within our risk appetite.”

Proudest career moment whilst working here?

“Getting to work on our climate risk management framework. It is refreshing to work for a company which is committed to reducing its carbon emissions and achieve these reductions. The pride comes from seeing small changes make a big difference.”

What are you doing currently with your own Personal Development, any great books or podcasts you’d recommend?

“I would 100% recommend people to read the book “Our final warning: Six degree of climate emergency”, it is scary reading but worth it. The book explains climate issues at each degree of warming. The scary part is that it states what has already happened in a 1 degree of warming world…”

How important is the office for you?

“I am an office boy at heart, I come in everyday. The office is so important for face-to-face contact! Covid19 made people feel isolated when WFH, now we have offices back it’s so much easier to have fun little chats and build relationships with colleagues.”

Favourite coffee shop near the office?

“The Waterstones on Deansgate is hands down the best café in Manchester, it has got really good vibes, great coffee and cake (vegan ones as well!). It is a wholesome place to relax and read, I would recommend having a team day there!”