National Apprenticeship Week - Tara Jane Seaton

19 March 2024

We spoke to Tara Jane Seaton, Apprentice Software Developer, about what it's been like on an MONY Group apprenticeship programme as we mark National Apprenticeship Week.

What initially made you choose an Apprenticeship?

After completing my coding bootcamp I felt that whilst I was eager to break into the tech industry, I also wanted to learn more. The Apprenticeship meant that I didn’t have to make a choice between the two. I could earn whilst I learn and have the support and direction that comes with being on an Apprenticeship path.

How has it helped you to grow and develop at MONY Group?

Being on an Apprenticeship Path naturally entails lots of feedback, growth and challenge which is compatible with MONY Group’s grow and develop core behaviour.

What are the key benefits of this style of learning?

Alongside studying a range of topics e.g. programming, databases, Ethics and SDLC at college, we get hands-on experience of working within a real tech team and understanding things like deployment, source control, teamwork etc. It’s a rather unique experience. Studying academic subjects at college and then experiencing their raison d'etre in the workplace at MONY Group has given me a greater and deeper understanding of the tech workplace and industry.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about an Apprenticeship?

Apply today! Whether you’re considering a career change like me, or have just left school/college/uni, I think that Apprenticeships are the fastest, supportive and most financially secure way to break into tech. Studying and doing homework alongside work can be a challenge. However, with some extra planning and all of the support you receive from MONY Group colleagues, its 100% worth it.