National Apprenticeship Week - Helen Knapman

19 March 2024

We spoke to Helen Knapman, News and Investigations Editor, about what it's been like on an MONY Group apprenticeship programme as we mark National Apprenticeship Week.

What initially made you choose an Apprenticeship?

I wanted to improve my leadership skills with a view to progressing up the ladder as a manager/becoming a team leader. I liked the option of LEAD because I can study alongside my role and use ‘naturally occurring evidence’ e.g. things that have happened during my role as evidence for the course.

How has it help you to grow and develop at MONY Group?

Since participating in the course, I’ve been able to develop skills, including coaching – and I’ve since coached two colleagues. I’ve also learnt how to manage projects and how best to manage and communicate with people who have different learning styles. In addition, I’ve delivered a massive Dragon’s Den style project/presentation to Peter Duffy and the Exec, which I learnt a lot from.

What are the key benefits of this style of learning?

You can learn on the job and it’s very practical based on what’s already happening in your role anyway.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about an Apprenticeship?

I would say that you can learn a lot from apprenticeships, however, I would also urge people to also consider the time commitment. While it is useful and rewarding, it can take up a lot of your time.

Any other thoughts you’d like to add?

I do appreciate the time and investment MONY Group has put into upskilling myself (and others) and the course has also been a really good way to network and learn from other people across the business who I wouldn’t necessarily meet as part of my day job.