National Apprenticeship Week - Chess Crossley

19 March 2024

This week is the 17th year of celebrating this amazing way to learn! Apprenticeships are the perfect blend of technical learning and work in practice- In short; you learn from industry experts while you work and earn a qualification ranging from GCSE to bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Apprenticeships are open to all - all ages, all sectors, all levels and all backgrounds. Apprenticeships develop people with the skills employers need and benefit the economy. They provide a route into successful and fulfilling careers.

This year’s theme is ‘skills for life’ and regardless of your knowledge on Apprenticeships, you have an opportunity to jumpstart your own career or help someone else too!

Hear from Chess Crossley below who has shared their experiences.

What initially made you choose an Apprenticeship?

The idea of learning whilst in my role really appealed to me, as I could directly see how my learning and development would help me day to day

How has it help you to grow and develop at MONY Group?

It has helped me grow my network outside of my day-to-day job and helped grow my confidence in how to approach different situations.

What are the key benefits of this style of learning?

For me, being able to use situations and tasks I do day-to-day in my coursework helped me to apply the theories and models I was learning to my role. So I guess it brought the things I was learning to life a lot easier

What advice would you give to someone thinking about an Apprenticeship?

Make sure that you block out time and prioritise your learning during your week, also go for it! I hadn’t ever thought about doing an apprenticeship before, but it is something I would advocate for now!

Any other thoughts you’d like to add?

Thank you MONY Group for giving me the opportunity 😊